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A directory of Maori businesses, professionals and service organisations!!!

"Nau mai, Haere, mai, raurangatira ma ki tenei te pukapuka rorohiko o nga paakihi Maori."



* The Business Directory, lists Maori  Businesses in New Zealand & Overseas

* The Services Directory, lists Maori Service Organizations

* The Professionals Directory, lists Maori Professionals



* Access a worldwide audience

* Promote your business products and services to the world

* Access our free bulletin board and publish articles about your organization

* Establish communication links with whanau both in New Zealand and overseas


"No reira kia piki te kaha te ora me te maramatanga ki runga ki a koutou katoa"


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Maraeroa C Incorporation

"Now offering land administration services for Maori Trusts and Incorporations - All enquiries to Damita on Ph 07 878 7177"


Kokakotaea Forestry Corporation Ltd

"We provide comprehensive forestry services including Wood Marketing, Harvesting, Distribution and Forest Management. Contact Graeme Kilgour on " 


All enquiries regarding the Maori Business Directory should be directed to; Kristin Katu, Managing Director, Kadu Consultants Ltd, Ph 07 878 6838




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